Dunes Blue Avalon Wrap 4MB_edited.jpg

Quilting. Travel. Photography. 


My husband says I have always been an artist at heart.

But I couldn't draw.  And I couldn't paint. I dabbled in many different crafts, but was often frustrated with the constraints of the medium.  

Then I found quilting.  An art form that has so many components, each allowing me to express a certain part of me.  It provides a place to be precise, the part of me that loves geometry and numbers.  It allows me to play with color with wild abandon, or soft constraint.  In choosing a quilting design, I can create texture and and depth and, well, quilty goodness. Quilting is that medium that allows me to express so much of myself.


I've also always enjoyed photography, and, of course, travel.  My husband and I have serendipitously discovered a wonderful hobby that we both enjoy... quilt photography!  

Every chance we get, we pack our little travel trailer full of quilts and set out to get the most interesting "quilt in the wild" (my favorite Instagram hashtag) pictures we can.  The results fill these pages.


Thank you for being here, and being a part of our journey.